Defective glass in vehicle windshields and windows can be a potentially very serious auto defect. That is because if the glass has bubbles or other impurities it may decrease the driver’s visibility and increase the risk that he or she will get in an accident. Another type of defective glass problem occurs when the glass itself shatters into many tiny, sharp shards and flies loose, potentially causing serious harm to vehicle occupants.

The auto industry requires the use of a type of windshield glass known as laminated glass that is designed to stay together even with shattered. This is accomplished by fitting two sheets of glass together with a piece of plastic between them. However, while this process is generally highly effective, defects do occur and can significantly raise the risk of injury for vehicle occupants.

If your family has been hurt as the result of defective glass either reducing visibility or shattering and causing injury, it may be possible to receive financial compensation in the form of damages from the automaker. It is thus very important to consult with a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney who understands the intricacies of defective glass litigation. The Automobile Attorneys can help. We are committed to helping victims of defective glass. Please contact us for a free consultation to discuss your defective glass case.