All auto defects are potentially problematic since they deprive consumers of a function they are paying for. Worse, many auto defects are also very dangerous. However, one of the most insidious types of auto defects is faulty airbag systems.

Millions of American drivers are counting on their airbag systems to keep them safe behind the wheel in the event of an accident. However, sadly for some drivers this confidence may be misplaced. The recent high-profile Takata airbag recall brought attention to dangers that accompany faulty airbag systems. Serious harm can occur when other projectiles deploy along with the airbags, in essence acting almost like shrapnel and often causing major injuries or even death in the process. Other times the airbag may deploy with too much force and hurt passengers, or it may not deploy quickly enough to protect occupants. Still other times an airbag may not deploy at all or it may do so at an inappropriate and dangerous time.

The Automobile Attorneys are committed to providing the best in legal representation for victims of faulty airbag systems. Our attorneys know how serious the consequences of these defects can be – both the physical and emotional ramifications may leave victims reeling. Often such accidents also take a serious financial toll on victims as they begin the long process of recovery. Our free, no-risk consultations are designed to help auto defect victims get the information they need to determine if a lawsuit is the right decision. Contact us to discuss your faulty airbag system accident or other auto defect-related injury.