Faulty door latches are a type of auto defect in which the door’s latch does not operate properly. This can result in the door becoming stuck, potentially trapping the occupants in the vehicle in the event of an emergency. It can also result in the suddenly popping open, which can easily result in passengers or other objects falling out while also creating a major driving safety hazard.

Faulty door latches are especially terrifying when there is a child in the car. Unfortunately child locks may also be vulnerable to this type of auto defect, potentially endangering millions of innocent lives.

Numerous makes and models of vehicles have been recalled as the result of faulty door latches or faulty child locks. In particular there was a recent high-profile recall of Ford vehicles including these models:

  • Ford Explorers
  • Taurus
  • Lincoln MKS vehicles
  • Ford Focus
  • C-Max hybrids
  • Escape SUVs

Honda also recalled models such as:

  • CRV compact SUVs
  • Acura ILX sedans

However, faulty door latches have affected a variety of different automakers over the years and more makes and models may come to light in subsequent years.

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