A fuel system fire is one of the most terrifying types of accidents that a person can have since in a matter of seconds their vehicle may burst into flames, often causing devastating injuries or even death in the process. There may be very little warning and the vehicle owners typically have no idea of the danger they could be in until it is too late.

Some makes and models of vehicles are notorious for fuel system fires. For example Jeeps gained infamy a few years back due to their vulnerability to catastrophic fuel system fires and the damage and injuries that resulted. However, Jeeps are just one example and the sad reality is that fuel system fires are all too common.

It is extremely important for all car owners to be vigilant for recalls on their vehicles due to fuel system fires. However, sometimes a recall may not come in time. The discovery that some models are prone to fuel system fires may only occur after numerous families have already been injured. Other times the family may not have been properly notified that there was a recall affecting their vehicle.

If you or one of your loved ones has been hurt due to a fuel system fire then it is imperative that after handling all immediate medical needs you immediately seek help from a qualified auto defect attorney. The Automobile Attorneys know have horrific fuel systems fires can be and we are committed to helping our clients receive the justice they deserve.