Handling instability is a type of auto defect that manifests when a vehicle becomes unstable and the driver loses control. Handling instability is a deadly auto defect that can result in potentially lethal accidents due to over-steering or under-steering, or may even cause rollover accidents to occur. Such accidents often result in serious physical trauma to the vehicle’s occupants as they roll down an embankment or are struck by other motorists. Road conditions such as debris or poor weather can increase the likelihood of handling instability, but sometimes instability may occur even without such factors being in play.

Thousands of vehicles have been recalled due to handling stability issues; however, these recalls do not always happen quickly enough to protect the thousands or even millions of vehicle owners who have already purchased a vehicle with handling instability issues. Tragically, all too often the first warning a family gets that their vehicle is prone to handling instability is the moments before a serious crash.

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