One of the most high profile auto defects in recent years was the notorious GM ignition switch defect. This serious defect resulted in a staggering 29 million vehicles worldwide being recalled. It also claimed over 150 lives and resulted in thousands of personal injury lawsuits as victims struggled to seek justice and receive compensation for their suffering.

However, faulty ignition switches pose a threat to all vehicle owners and their passengers. A faulty ignition switch can cause the vehicle to unexpectedly lose power, potentially resulting in an accident. Worse still, this defect can also prevent airbags from deploying, thus rendering a life-saving safety feature ineffectual.

If you have been involved in an accident due to an ignition defect, or if you know someone who has suffered as the result of ignition defects, it is crucial to seek legal justice. A lawsuit holds the potential not just of recovering the financial loss associated with injuries and property damages, but also of bringing attention to a serious problem and potentially saving countless lives in the process.

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