Rollover accidents may occur for a variety of reasons. For example rollover accidents may occur due to a mechanical defect such as faulty electronic stability control (ESC) systems – which are designed to help improve stability and prevent over-steering or under-steering. Likewise rollover accidents may occur due to defects in the design of the vehicle itself such as making the vehicle too top heavy or failing to distribute its weight properly. Regardless of the cause of the rollover accident, it is important to note that this type of accident is among the most dangerous of all types of auto accidents because the vehicle’s passengers are vulnerable to neck and spine injuries as well as other trauma as the vehicle rolls.

Unfortunately safe driving and routine vehicle maintenance may not be enough to prevent a rollover accident from occurring; although, of course these practices are certainly a crucial first step. Nevertheless, sometimes despite the driver’s best efforts his or her vehicle rolls anyway due to the innate defects in the vehicle. When this occurs it is important for the driver and passengers to seek help from a qualified auto defect attorney.

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