A vehicle’s roof provides crucial structural support while also protecting the occupants of the vehicle from harm. Thus, it is no surprise that roof collapse is an extremely dangerous type of auto defect. In essence, roof collapse occurs when a vehicle rolls over and instead of maintaining its structural integrity the roof caves in on itself. This can potentially crush the vehicle’s passengers as it puts extreme pressure on some of the most vulnerable parts of the human body: the head, neck, and spinal column.

A vehicle roof collapse defect may occur simultaneously with other auto defects such as handling instability and a proneness in the vehicle for rollover accidents. Certain types of vehicles are also often more susceptible to roof collapse, for example convertibles and cars with sunroofs. However, sometimes vehicle roof collapse may occur in an otherwise safe vehicle that consumers wouldn’t normally expect to suffer from this defect.

Regardless of why a vehicle roof collapses, it is imperative that after receiving medical attention, accident victims also consult an attorney experienced in accident litigation. That is because quite often, such as in the case of an auto defect, the vehicle manufacturer may be liable for all or part of the damages. The Automobile Attorneys are here to help. We understand that the time following an accident is extremely difficult and confusing for victims. We offer free consultations so that potential clients have the opportunity to meet personally with an attorney who can advise them on their legal rights.