Tire defects can significantly increase the risk of accident. A tire blowout in the rear may cause the vehicle to yaw, which involves the backend of the vehicle swinging out and becoming perpendicular to the path of travel, thus placing the car and its occupants potentially directly in the path of oncoming traffic. However, front end blowouts can be just as dangerous. A blow out to the tires on the front end of a vehicle can easily cause steering difficulty or a loss of control. The vehicle may go careening out of its lane of traffic and into guardrails, cars in other nearby lanes, or any other roadside obstacles like signs, trees, and ditches.

One of the most frightening aspects of a tire defect is that it is often completely beyond the control of the vehicle owner. The driver and other vehicle occupants may be completely unaware of any problem with the tires until it is already too late. This is particularly true if the defective tires are new or from a trusted manufacturer.

Even when tire defects are detected by the manufacturer and a recall is issued, the recall itself may not happen until it is too late for some motorists. Similarly some drivers may not realize that their vehicle’s tires have been recalled.

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